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eLab features an intuitive streamlined workspace that is easy to use and is supported by a contextually aware menu system. Employing a user interface that works the way you do provides the foundation for better productivity and a more leveraged data environment.

The Menu System

The user interface has been separated into key areas of functionality by a set of tabs that when selected display the most relevant commands. Tabs are used to group commands for activities such as project management, sample search, and creating workflows. Each tab presents the appropriate commands as they are required, simplifying the operation of eLab and reducing the time required to master the system.

eLab Menu Interface

Container-View vs. Data-View

When working with samples users have the option of working with virtual containers (container-view) or powerful data centric views (data-view). Container-views facilitate speed and accuracy of positioning samples, data-view helps users filter and sort samples based on the attached meta-data.

Container View

Drag and Drop

Manipulate samples as you would at the bench using intuitive drag and drop techniques. Move samples within containers by simply selecting the samples you want and dragging. If you require more power a comprehensive menu system allows you to fine tune sample placement.