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When it's time to do manual work the task screen is the essential resource for rapidly completing assigned activities, providing immediate access to all the information users require.

  • Samples selected from a work list or directly assigned to the task can be displayed in a visual representation of their storage containers or in a data centric view.
  • Reagents are automatically filtered based on the applying protocol.
  • Powerful data manipulation tools allow eLab to present the data in a format that is most relevant to your needs.
  • Create and add visual representations of the actual containers that the work will be performed in.
  • Manipulate samples as in real life by selecting and dragging them within containers.
  • Identify and flag contaminated samples.
  • Indicate the success or failure of each sample within a task.
  • Rapidly create sample and container labels.
  • Print the relevant protocols or proformas.
  • Export data the way you want with a choice of Microsoft Excel, text, CSV, or XML based formats
  • Position samples manually or with the assistance of patterns.