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eLab incorporates powerful, simple to use data and document storage capabilities. A wide range of documents and results can be securely uploaded into the system, alternatively create links to data maintained by your existing information storage infrastructure. Efficiently collect, organize and store data relating to your samples at each stage of the laboratory process.

  • Integrated document management conveniently allows the attachment of all results when completing or undertaking tasks.
  • Upload machine readable and human readable documents.
  • The results screen allows for quick access to the relevant results through a hierarchical representation of the data attached to one or more samples or projects.
  • Export your results to a location of your choice at anytime.
  • Maintain better laboratory practices by ensuring a direct link between your samples and your data.
  • Some common types that can be stored in eLab are text, images, sequences, chromatograms, Word and Excel files.
Results and Document Management