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eLab workflows define how activities are performed and are interrelated. The workflow builder graphical interface simplifies the creation of workflows by allowing users to drag and drop appropriate components from the workflow toolbox, set their properties, and link the components with constraints. Workflows are an effective method of enforcing business rules and improving laboratory practices. The true power of workflows is fully unleashed when they are applied to routine work.

Some of the key benefits of eLab workflows are:

  • Process Control. Easily update and automatically disseminate changes to laboratory processes.
  • Standardisation. Ensure that the same version of a process is applied to all samples at each stage of a project.
  • Versioning. Automatically ensure that all changes to processes are clearly identifiable.
  • Collaboration. Share your processes by importing and exporting workflows in the XML standard format.
  • Quality Control. Ensure that your processes have gone through proper quality control before being elevated to production status.

eLab workflow builder

Protocol workflows

Protocol workflows assist task level activities by ensuring that users are presented with the most relevant sample, reagent, and procedural details when and where they are required.

Method workflows

Method workflows automate the flow of samples from one protocol to the next. Integrating with project management this feature becomes a powerful tool that allows routine work to progress with minimal effort, but quickly highlights any potential problems.