eLab - Your laboratory information management system

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See the system work for you by downloading the single-user version.

Watch the video

Watch the video Watch the 7 minute overview video to see how easy it is to manage your work from receiving samples through to project summary.



eLab eLab is a modern work list orientated, protocol driven, customizable off-the-shelf (COTS) Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed to improve sample throughput and reduce IT costs in a single industry compliant solution.

While designing eLab the team at eBioSys took on the challenge of making a LIMS system that was powerful and secure, yet simple to use. Building on recent advances in hardware and software the team has risen to the challenge of delivering a revolutionary user interface built on a next generation data management platform. The result is a system that allows users to get more out of their work and deliver better results faster.

In the world of modern laboratories the focus is on data quality. This is the world for which eLab was designed. We have made substantial investments to better connect users to their data and ensure the highest standards of industry compliance. In short you get more work done for less effort and achieve greater confidence in your results.

To meet business-critical operational requirements and maintain a competitive advantage laboratories are seeking to implement simpler and easier to manage systems that reduce acquisition and support costs while maintaining flexibility to meet changing business needs. eLab is the comprehensive, cost effective solution to laboratory information management.

Download the single-user version of eLab and experience the power of eLab today!

Usability Usability

eLab uses the latest in Microsoft's human interface technologies to help users learn the system faster and to streamline the information workspace.

Quality Data Quality data

Increase your productivity and the quality of your data by using the one system to standardise your processes and flow of information between processes.

Security and Compliance Security & Compliance

Make your lab compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 15189 and ISO 17025.

Cost Effective Cost Effective

At under US$5,000 for the enterprise edition, including free support and maintenance, eLab is only a fraction of the cost of other systems. It is also likely to be cheaper than the cost of maintaining your existing information systems.

Share and Collaborate Share and Collaborate

Your data can be exported in various formats, and accessed directly using SQL.

Training and Support Training and Support

Reduce the cost and time in training your staff with our online video tutorials and free support.

Customizations Customizations

You can customize eLab, using the friendly user-interface, to reflect your laboratory's workflow practices. If you require more functionality we can provide this or make the source code available to you.

Sample Management Sample Management

eLab manages your samples and reagents and integrates with your actual lab work in real time so all users know how much of your samples and reagents are available, and can order new reagents as necessary. Simple search engines allow quick and easy access to samples and reagents. Samples can be imported directly from your customer's own Microsoft Excel files using the generic sample import wizard.

Protocol Management Protocol Management

Document your protocols using the intuitive graphical user interface. Apply these protocols, or a series of protocols, to samples. Print these protocols for reference, or import/export them from/to your collaborators.

Project Management Project Management

Associate samples with a series of protocols, and summarize the work done for reporting to various stakeholders. Delegate work at different stages of a project to people or teams with the appropriate skills or time.

Tasks Tasks

Have immediate access to the work allocated to them and to the groups they belong to. Using graphical representations of the samples and trays on their workbench, intuitively prepare your lab work and report the results.

Result and Document Management Result and Document Management

Efficiently collect, organize and store the results associated with samples and other related documents.