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Obtaining a License

To purchase a license to use eLab or to increase the number of samples you installation of eLab is licensed to manage, follow these steps:

  1. Using your browser navigate to www.ebiosys.com.
    Note: The website is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0.
  2. Click on the Purchase menu tab and then click on the Buy Now button. The licensing wizard is displayed in a new secure screen.
    eLab licensing wizard
    Figure  44.1. The eLab Licensing wizard.

     Note: You may be prompted to open the secure webpage. eBioSys uses a strong encryption to secure the information you send to us using the licensing wizard.
  3. Specify whether you want to purchase a license for a new installation of eLab, purchase a license to register a trial version, or upgrade an existing installation. If you choose to upgrade an installation you will need to enter the installation identifier. To find the installation identifier log on to eLab and click on the Licensing button in the Administration group of the Home tab.
  4. Click Next.
    Note: If you have a promotional code enter it at this stage.

    eLab licesing wizard - Select license
    Figure  44.2 The eLab Licensing wizard - Select license screen.
  5. Choose a license that corresponds to the maximum number of samples that you believe the system will be required to maintain. Click Next.
    eLab licensing wizard - Contact information
    Figure  44.3. The eLab Licensing wizard - Contact information screen.
  6. On the Contact information page, enter your contact details. Click Next.
    Note: These details will appear on the invoice.
    eLab licensing wizard - Payment details
    Figure  44.4. The eLab Licensing wizard - Payment details screen.
  7. On the Payment details page, select your preferred payment option and complete the required details.  Click Next.
  8. On the End User License Agreement page, read the license agreement and if you agree click Accept.
  9. On the Confirmation page ensure that all your details are correct and then click Accept.
  10. If the correct details were entered the Transaction successful page will be displayed. From this page you can print a copy of the confirmation details, copy the license key to the clipboard, or view the invoice.