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Installing the eLab Database

 At each step of the installation , if there are any advanced options available, these can be accessed by clicking t he Show advanced options button at the top of the page.

To install the eLab database for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. To begin installation download and run eDBA from the www.ebiosys.com.
  2. On the End User License Agreement page, read the license agreement and if you agree click Accept.
  3. On the Overview screen click Next.
  4. On the Options page, click Install a new instance of SQL Server and a new eLab database.
  5. Specify a SQL Server name, or the default name of ‘eLab’ will be used. We recommend you use the default name.
  6. Click Next. The Database details page is displayed.

    Database wizard - Database details
    Figure 40.1. The Database wizard - Database details screen.

  7. Enter a descriptive name for the installation of the eLab database in the Database name box. It is recommended that you use the default name ‘eLab’.
  8. If you have purchased a Sample License from the eBioSys website (www.eBioSys.com) select the License key option and enter the key. Otherwise, ensure the No key (trial version) option is selected, if you use this option you can specify a license key later from within eLab.
  9. In the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance section you will need to select the level of compliance for the system. If you are not required to install an FDA compliant system, or if you have other processes in place that ensure your compliance, significant resources can be released helping to improve the performance of the system. See the  FDA guidelines for more information.
  10. If you decide to allow non-compliance with the FDA regulations the Database settings section allows you to specify which aspects of the system will and will not be compliant. Disabling options can release significant resources and help to improve the performance of the system. See Database Settings for a discussion on these options.

    Advanced Options
    : The advanced options of this page allow you to specify the locations of the database files and details of the outgoing mail server. The available options are:
  11. Click Next.

    Database wizard - Account details
    Figure 40.2. Database wizard - Account details screen.

  12. On the Database administrators account page complete the required details for the system administrator’s account. Click Next.

    Advanced Options: The advanced options of this page allow you to set the details of the administrators account such as:
    1. The period of time since the last activity that the account remains active for.
    2. If the user is required to change the password on the next login.
    3. How often the account’s password needs to be changed.
    4. The period of time that the account is valid from and until.
    5. Whether login information can be saved between sessions and if accounts allow auto login.
    Note: It is recommended that you maintain the default name for the administrator account and administration group.
  13. Confirm the details of the Summary page and then click Next.
  14. The processing page is displayed as after SQL Server set has completed the wizard will then create the eLab database and secure it. After processing is complete, click Close to close the wizard.
  15. If you have a firewall installed and enabled, you may need to modify your settings to allow File and Printer Sharing and open UDP port 1434. This will allow eLab applications installed on other computers to access the database.