Customizable Off-the-Shelf

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To enhance business value, laboratories are increasingly turning away from in-house software solutions with the associated uncertainty of delivery times and the expense of maintaining development teams. Instead laboratories are seeking to create easier to manage IT environments that reduce acquisition and support costs but also align to changing business needs. eLab is a customizable off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that provides flexibility and power while driving down IT costs through:

  • Better alignment of financial resources with business priorities. Eliminate the need to undertake software development and unlock resources for core areas of laboratory work.
  • Simplified infrastructure management. Minimize mistakes and streamline the management process and automate laboratory workflow.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership. Achieve a lower cost of acquisition and drive down capital investment.
  • Scalable. The initial purchase of eLab includes a generous volume of samples. However, if you do exceed the initial volume of samples you can expand the storage capabilities of the system through the purchase of an additional sample license from eBioSys.
  • Upfront pricing. Unlike some competitors, our pricing structure is completely transparent and readily available.

In the past many LIMS have been web based rather than Windows based applications, sacrificing responsiveness and a richness of user interface for ease of installation. However, eLab is able to take advantage of the best of both technologies through a smart client design.

A smart client approach enables eLab to utilize local computing power to provide a richer user experience with better graphics and faster response times. Smart Client deployment technology makes installation as simple as possible overcoming three traditional hurdles:

  • Updates. eLab can check for newer versions and automatically replace any updated files as they become available. This means you are always using the latest version of your edition of eLab.
  • Conflicts. Each installation of eLab is self-contained and cannot interfere with other applications installed on your computer.
  • Permissions. Through strict permission control non-administrative users are able to perform installations and updates.

eLab employs a secure, high availability data store that delivers the performance required to meet the demands of a single user or an enterprise level installation.